RLM License Server Set-Up

Floating licenses use the RLM License Server to manage and distribute licenses. RLM License Server Installation Preinstallation Setup Installing the RLM Server Opening ports in your firewall StarNet License Activation Floating License Registering Files and Reference ——————————————– Preinstallation Setup Note … Continued

Using a License Server across a firewall

If you want to serve licenses across a firewall, generally you will need the license servers to have known port numbers in order to allow your firewall to pass requests on these ports. The rlm server itself is always at … Continued

What are my Hostid(s)?

In order to activate a license, you need a valid Host ID. Clients on closed networks may need to manually generate their license using the host id and order information. Find the Host ID on your system X-Win32 FastX 1 … Continued

License Locations

FastX 1 User Location Individual %LOCALAPPDATA%\StarNet Communications\FastX\license.lic Individual %LOCALAPPDATA%\StarNet Communications\license.lic Individual (XP Users) %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\StarNet Communications\FastX\license.lic Individual (XP Users) %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\StarNet Communications\license.lic All Users %PROGRAMFILES%\StarNet Communications\license.lic All Users (64 bit Windows) %PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\StarNet Communications\FastX\license.lic X-Win32 18 User Location Individual … Continued

Licensing Errors

Activation key not found in database No license for product (-1) Read Error From Network (-105) Bad hostname for network connect (-131) Key already used No hostids available Host license.starnet.com not found wrong host for license (-4) System clock has … Continued

License Password

When installing the RLM license server, system administrators may want to use the same system to serve different sets of licenses to different departments. RLM has a license feature that allows the license to be restricted by a password parameter. … Continued

Failover License Server

Install rlm and your ISV server on the failover license server node See RLM License Server Installation for more information Copy all license files from the Primary Server and install them on the Failover Server Edit the license file with … Continued

Installing Licenses for multiple users

In order to make X-Win32 compatible out of the box with Windows Vista, the license.config file is no longer stored in C:\Program Files\StarNet\X-Win32\ after version 8.2 Microsoft Vista does not allow direct access to the Program Files folder and creates … Continued

Setting RLM Roaming licenses

The RLM License server has the ability to create ROAMING licenses which are floating licenses that can be used for several days without having to recontact the license server. This is the ideal solution for a “Roadwarrior” configuration where certain … Continued

License Upgrade

X-Win32 2011 and later use the RLM licensing system. Floating licenses now require a License Server in order to run. X-Win32 automatically checks if a license is currently installed on the Windows system. Users may see the following message on … Continued

License Location for version 7 and below

Licenses were stored in the Windows Registry in Version 7 and below. Follow the Steps to obtain your license. Please use caution when editing the registry. h4 . Floating Licenses Run X-Config Click on the “license” tab </> VN Node … Continued

How do I obtain my organizations site license key

To obtain your organization’s site license key for X-Win32, you need to contact your license administrator. If you do not know who the license administrator is, you might first try searching your company’s internal web sites for “X-Win32” to see … Continued

Failed to bind the socket: The address is protected

If you have installed X-Win 32, entered the license code, but the software still runs in demo mode, there may be a conflict with software installed by LabView. Technical Details: A service installed by LabView, lkcitdl.exe, opens UDP port 6000. … Continued

Registering X-Win32 with License Server

X-Win32 Registration Manual Registration ——————————————– X-Win32 Registration Select “License your copy by contacting a license server” when the X-Win32 License Wizard is prompted Enter the hostname or IP of your license server and port number user (default 5053) ——————————————– Manual … Continued

FastX Centralized License Server Set-Up

The FastX Server ships with its own copy of the rlm licensing server located by default in /usr/lib/fastx2/rlm Nominate a FastX Installation as the Centralized License Server Install an Independent Centralized License Server ——————————————– Installing a Centralized License Server If … Continued

X-Win32 Manual Registration

Requirements X-Win32 License (Activation Code) Hostid of the Windows machine in which X-Win32 is being installed on(Find the Host ID) ——————————————– Steps to Register 1. Go to the following webpage http://license.starnet.com/activate/ 2. Enter your activation code 3. Enter the RLM … Continued

X-Win32 Node-Locked Registration

X-Win32 Registration Manual Registration Additional Information Prompt the Registration Window ——————————————– X-Win32 Registration Select “License your copy using an activation key” when the X-Win32 License Wizard is prompted Enter your activation code Successful, please click “Finish” ——————————————– Manual Registration 1. … Continued